What Is Dandruff

What Is Dandruff: A Global Question

Despite the tremendous development in science and technology, we humans still have many questions to be answered. Even the scientists are unable to find the answer for most of the things and they keep on studying and researching to get the answers. One of the questions that many people ask is what is dandruff and how to cure it? This is may look very funny to some people but that’s true. As dandruff is becoming more common, affecting millions of people around the world, people want to know about this and the ways to cure it. If you are looking answer for these questions, you may consider reading the article further.

excessive-dandruffTo know what is dandruff, you should first have some understanding about our skin and scalp. Skin and its outer layer made of cells, which keeps on growing and dieing constantly. This is why cut and wound on your skin is cured naturally. The new cells grow and just seal the cut or wound effectively and thus providing a natural heal. Usually the dead cells on the skin surface are very tiny and sloughed off regularly while new cells are being replaced. But what happens if the rate of skin dead cells increases and clump on the surface? If that happens, then the dead cell flocks on the skin surface which is very unsightly.

Hope now you have got some idea about what is dandruff. It is a skin condition where shedding of dead skin cells occurs in the scalp at high rate. This is not a disease like some people believe but just a condition of skin due to abnormal level of dead skin cell. When dead skin cells flocks on scalp, it is said to be dandruff. Such condition is not dangerous to life, but it can cause itchiness on skin surface. Chronic dandruff can also cause hair loss. Many people are bothered by dandruff as it affects their personality by making hairs looking dusty and hence unsightly. This is why anti dandruff products are selling like hotcakes.

Although many people are able to get the answer for what is dandruff, still the exact reason for dandruff is not discovered. However, experts believe that dandruff can be triggered by multiple conditions. Some of the widely believed causes for dandruff are hormonal imbalance, mental stress, dry skin, oily skin, eczema and fungus. The list doesn’t ends and still there are many health conditions that accounts for dandruff in scalp. Those who want to get rid off dandruff should first try the root-cause or underlying problem, in addition to shampooing their hair regularly. People can try using anti dandruff products and it is cost effective method to cure dandruff.

Dandruff symptoms

Understanding the symptoms of dandruff and its root causes is the main and first step to achieve success in your dandruff treatment. Some people confuse dandruff with dry skin, while some people are unable to distinguish between the hair dust and dandruff. If you are unable to distinguish or identify dandruff and its symptoms, then you may not be able to handle things properly. So, if you are experiencing itches and flakes in your scalp, just check whether it is dandruff or not. There are too many wonderful resources on the Internet where you can find information about causes, symptoms and cure for dandruff. If you seek a detailed explanation on what is dandruff, you can just refer any of the medical website or authoritative website.

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